A "Quick" Trip to Colorado

I'm still so stoked about this trip. Normally, I plan my bigger trips months in advance, but not this one. With just a few days notice, I decided to go mountain biking in Colorado. So I went to bed early Friday night, woke up at 3am Saturday and drove for 11 hours to Crested Butte, CO. I biked for a bit then set up camp on a breathtaking ridge. I took some pictures of the stars after sunset and enjoyed a peaceful sleep with no one around for miles. The next morning, I biked the #1 trail on Mountain Bike Project in the US. It was insane.

The views were gorgeous and the weather was perfect. Aside from the challenging climb, I also had to cross a very strong a chilly creek with a pack full of expensive electronics... Unfortunately, I didn't get to complete the circuit. I hit knee-deep snow near the trail's highest point (11,254ft), but I didn't want to give up so I carried my bike for half a mile hoping it would clear up. It didn't. I still had 300 feet to climb and, obviously, the snow wasn't going to get better before it got worse. I doubled back, but it's hard to be disappointed with that kind of scenery.

I made it back the car safe and exhausted. The drive back was another challenge in itself. I made it home by 11pm Sunday and went to work at 5:30am Monday. Good weekend.

Trips like this are my favorite. They're last minute and I play the whole thing by ear. I risk failing miserably and wasting a whole weekend, but even that kind of wasted weekend is still a better memory than most people will make in those moments.