A Weekend of Rims and Big Holes

As usual, the group was quite entertaining. After driving to the Mogollon Rim and setting up camp, I took the crew to the Tonto Natural Bridge. We took turns hiking down since dogs aren't allowed. I ran into an off-duty park volunteer and took a bunch of photos. That place is still amazing even after three visits. 

We headed back to camp and ate dinner while swapping stories around the campfire. I'm not much for drinking, but a couple people brought booze so I had a couple. One person got so drunk they pissed themselves. That seemed like a good cue, so Xaley and I hit the hammock and passed out.

The next day, two of our five headed back home while the remaining three of us headed to Horton Creek for a nice little hike. The day was perfect and the sights were gorgeous! In all, I got some great shots and stories out of the weekend.