Exploring Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley!

It feels pretty amazing to be the person your friends seek when they need a getaway. I considered my list and picked a place that's been on it for a while: Canyon de Chelly (pronounced: shay). Rachel, Michelle and I packed our gear and headed north for the two-day trip. It was cold, rainy and snowy; I don't think I could have asked for a more beautiful weekend in the desert! There are a lot of overlooks, but not much else unless you take one of the guided tours into the valley - which we didn't do because there were none at the time. Still, it kept us busy for a whole night and the next morning. We drove around, took a lot of pictures, slept in the car, got harassed by rez dogs, played in the snow then took a detour to Monument Valley before heading back home. The girls had never been before and I was eager to return with a decent camera.

That's one more wonderful weekend in the bag! I definitely recommend visiting Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley if you haven't. Both are worth visiting separately, but close enough to make a great combo if you ever get the urge!

Happy adventures!