First Official Portrait Shoot!

Sun Flare Portrait

I've photographed people many times before, but never exclusively. I had been passively looking for an opportunity when a friend asked me to shoot his girlfriend's graduation photos. I was nervous despite the confidence in my abilities; this wasn't just for fun anymore. I had no idea what I would end up capturing or how they would turn out, but Rachel selected a fantastic location and turned out to be a natural model.

The first click of the shutter cut through my anxiety and I became consumed by my task. I pointed and she did the rest. The wind kept messing up here hair; it drove her crazy, but it make her laugh and provided some gorgeous candids. There were some great shots early on that she loved - which continued to lessen the pressure.

We continued to shoot even after she was satisfied and I'm glad we did because it gave us some of my favorite photos. The shoot was a total success and I can't wait for the next opportunity.