Havasu-pie for the eye!

It took 1,250 phone calls to get through, but I finally nailed a reservation on the third day. Then we just had to wait 5 months. The big day finally came and we all headed up. 4 guys in one car 4 girls in the other, probably wondering what the other group was talking about the whole time. Or maybe that was just me.

We had lunch in Flagstaff and drove through an apocalyptic swarm of beetles in the dark before reaching the trailhead. Setting camp was awkward, but we managed to MacGyvered hammocks between SUV roof rails and a hitching post. I woke before sunrise and gently roused the other sleepy heads. We made it to the village 7 miles later and confirmed our reservation. After half the group used the wifi to catch up on their snapchat game, we continued our trek to the campsites still 3 miles away.

Havasupai Falls poured into view on the way down, introducing us to the kind of beauty we were about to enjoy during the next 4 days.


It was a weekday, July 4th and we arrived pretty early so we had a several great options to set up camp. We found one then I scouted ahead for a better one - which ended up being an incredible location with plenty of room for all our hammocks right on the river. Matt and I suspended our hammocks over the river - which was cool for the first night, but ultimately more of a nuisance.

The first day was just a lot of hanging out and exploring nearby Mooney Falls. On day two, we hiked down to Beaver Falls and I found a great place to do some cliff jumping! We explored more on day three by visiting 4 waterfalls. We spent some time at Havasu, Secret, Little Navajo and New Navajo jumping and swimming at each. Despite being the hottest time of the year, the weather was actually perfect for such cold water. It wasn't too hot at night and the canyon walls protected us from being in the sun all day.

During our stay, squirrels ate through several backpacks and meals. The fuckers even chewed through a string to drop two packs on the ground so they could get into them. Brilliant bastards.

We hiked out early on the final day to beat the heat, stopping at the village again for a select few... Despite the gravelly sandy terrain, we made it up much faster than we made it down. I still can't believe how much fun we had on that trip. We'll definitely be going again next year...