Jumping Off Bridges With A Stretchy Rope

There's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush just before leaping off a bridge with nothing but a bungee cord tied around your ankles; actually, the cord is fastened to two thick velcro anklets. Anyway, this was my third time at the Bridge to Nowhere in the Angeles National Forest, jumping twice during each visit. Nothing I've done compares to the feeling, not even skydiving. It's just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. 

I planned the trip for a few friends, but they all cancelled a week before and I already bought my ticket. I knew that I'd still have a good time so I went anyway, partly because they don't offer refunds. Aside from my dog, a few people joined from my Meetup group - which is always an adventure in itself.

One of my favorite parts about the experience is the hike to the bridge. It's gorgeous! You ascend through a valley for 5 miles, navigating the pointy yucca plant and crossing a brisk river several times. The bungee crew starts the hike at 7:30AM, so we got there a day early and backpacked down to the the river to spent the night. I'm still a little bummed that my friends bailed, but it was still a rad time with some new faces so I don't regret a thing!

I'll upload the videos from my jump later, but here's the edit from last year until then :)