Making Progress - Not Excuses

I will be moving soon for a 6th time in 8 months. I might be worried, but I've trained myself to recognize that as a waste of energy and time. I'm focused on continuing the momentum, exploring new places and revisiting old favorites - driven in equal parts by passion and fear of failure.

Sunrise at Wave Cave

I had to cancel my trip to Yosemite when I moved to Oregon so that was one of the first things I made time to see when life began to settle. Five new and old friends packed into an SUV and spent 3 days at the amazingly beautiful park. One in the group was a bit of a Negative Nancy so those 3 days boiled down to 1 day of exploration, but we still had a good time and I have a good feel for my itinerary on future trips.

Star Trails at Joshua Tree National Park

Photography is continuing to consume my time and heart. I drove to Joshua Tree NP twice in the same week for my first star time-lapse. I left work, drove 5 hours, stayed up all night taking photos, then drove back to work both times, but it was worth the photos and experience. I recently paid way too much for the photography tour at Antelope Canyon. I haven't even edited those photos yet. I'm still very new to photography so I worry that I should have waited a little longer to get more out the pricey opportunity, but maybe doing it now will have more benefits than I realize - that's how I'm justifying it.

In addition to pursuing my hobbies, I'm going to the gym again and riding my mountain bike more often - mostly so I don't die on my crazy rides in Utah and Colorado this summer.

I could have written dozens of posts on everything I've done in the last 7 months, but I want to focus on doing this more regularly so I'm sharing the highlights so I can catch up. Speaking of highlights, check out this badass video I made of my 2016 highlights!