Moving to Oregon

I've explored a lot of beautiful places in Arizona during the last 15 months, but I've felt the call to greener lands, or even grass at all, for a while now. Oregon seems like it would be perfect for my lifestyle and it's close to a lot of amazing places: Northern California, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta.

I haven't allowed a ton of time to find a new roommate which is easily the scariest part - not finding one, but replacing the one I have. I brag all the time about my living situation; my rent and place are amazing, but Nick is the real reason I love my home; he's my brother from another mother and I'll miss the hell out of him.

I'm not too worried about the job situation. I'm hoping for a transfer through my current employer or finding work as a waiter again, but that shouldn't be too difficult; I'm a good worker and have plenty of references.

My last posted adventure in Arizona is Havasu Falls from July 4th - 7th, so I'll be ready to move shortly after that.