Return to Arizona

My time in Oregon was short and bittersweet. I went broke and was robbed, but I would do it over again just for the new experiences. I knew moving back could feel like a failure if I let it, so I stayed busy, continued to explore and searched for new places.

One of the most inspiring things to happen during my time in Oregon was getting robbed - more specifically, what came after it. I posted about the unfortunate event on Facebook, which I normally avoid. This prompted a friend to create a fundraiser in my name. I honestly didn't think anything would come of it, but 5 days passed and it collected $900 to help me replace everything that was stolen from me. I have never felt more encouraged and loved than in that moment. It made me realize that a lot more people cared about me than I knew and any though I had of giving up was completely erased.

I bought a new wide angle lens with some of the donations when I got back. That choice made a huge impact on the direction of my efforts. In the months that followed, I became more and more obsessed with photography. I took several trips to Sedona and Flagstaff within the first month. One of the locations is a local secret that took quite a bit of research and exploring to find, but the challenge is what made that adventure so rewarding.

These last few months have reminded me to find the silver linings and remain consistent, because it leads to incredible experiences.