Wet Beaver Creek Near Sedona

  • Type: hike/cliff jumping
  • Total Length: 7 miles out-and-back
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Season: spring - fall
  • Elevation Gain: 340 feet
  • Popularity: high
  • Fee: none
  • Fun Factor: 8 of 10
  • Challenge: 3 of 10
  • Beauty: 7 of 10
  • Credibility: 4 visits since 2015.
  • Water: trail-side creek
  • Place to hammock? yes!
  • Camping: prohibited
  • Dogs: yes*

This location is also known locally as "The Crack"; it is easily one of my favorite adventures in Arizona. The pool can get pretty busy, but the 7 miles of hiking deter a lot of people. I think the hike is just part of what makes this place so amazing. 

The "beaver's tongue" is a great place for initiation; it's basically a natural diving board (without the spring). You can also swim to the opposite side of "the crack" and climb up. It can seem a bit sketchy, but there are great handholds. This side offers a an extra 5 or so meters to your jump.

After I've spent some time goofing off and jumping in, I like to explore the shaded area upstream a little. 


You'll find Bell Trail #13 just off exit 298 from I-17. No special vehicle is required to reach the parking lot which is located here.

There is almost no shade on this trail unless you hike the creek - which is beautiful, but it takes a LOT longer. The trail is wide and well-worn from start to finish; it begins in the flat of a valley before rising slightly in elevation around the halfway mark. This heightened perspective provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area with multiple photo opportunities.

The trail splits just before you reach the pool, but both lead to the same place 100 meters ahead. 

*The trail offers very little shade, so make sure your dog is accustomed to hiking on hot and rocky terrain. Bring plenty of water for them.


Getting to Trailhead:

Trailheads don't get much easier to reach than this. It's all paved roads to the dirt parking lot and just 2.2 miles off I-17.

Trailhead coordinates: 34°40'27.7"N 111°42'48.4"W